Valentina Mazzotti

Graduate Assistant, Digital Humanities, Academic Year 2014-2015
PhD student, Japanese Art
office: 4205 Art/Sociology Building

Valentina Mazzotti is a first-year Ph.D. student in Modern Japanese Art, working with Professor Volk. She received her B.A. (summa cum laude) in Oriental Languages and Culture from the University of Rome La Sapienza with her thesis focused on the analysis of an original collection of Japanese ukiyo-e paintings.

 On September 2010, as a second-year M.A. student at La Sapienza, she was accepted to the international exchange program at Tohoku University in Japan, where she was able to expand her knowledge of Japanese Art and reach the necessary sources in the path of developing her master thesis. After returning to Rome, she defended her thesis on the Japanese postwar avant-gardes and the late 1960s art movement “Mono-Ha”, receiving a M.A. in Art and Literature (summa cum laude).

 From 2011-2013 she served as a graduate researcher at the graduate School of Arts and Letters of Tohoku University where her research project - a comparative study between the Japanese avant-garde art movement "Mono-Ha" and the Italian "Arte Povera" - was funded by the Bridgestone Museum of Art-Ishibashi Foundation.

As a result, her article titled 「アルテ・ポーヴェラ」と「もの派」−新しい芸術の発想と創作方法− (“Arte Povera and Mono-ha: a new way of thinking and making art”), was published on the Tohoku University Art History Journal (n.34, March 2013).