Nicole Riesenberger

Graduate Assistant in Digital Art History and Visual Culture, 2014-2016
PhD (University of Maryland, 2016)
office: Phillips Collection, 1600 21st Street, NW Washington, DC 20009

As the University of Maryland-Phillips Collection Postdoctoral Fellow in Virtual Culture, Nicole utilizes emerging technologies to help museum visitors engage more deeply with works of art. In addition to her involvement with several upcoming exhibitions and projects at The Phillips Collection, in the spring of 2017 she will teach a UMD course on digital media and the museum experience.

Nicole received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2016. Her dissertation, King of the Renaissance: Art and Politics at the Neapolitan Court of Ferrante I, 1458-1494, is the first study to examine the artistic legacy of the late fifteenth-century Aragonese court in Naples. During her time at UMD, Nicole taught numerous art history courses and worked for two years as a Graduate Assistant in Digital Art History in the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture. Her research was generously supported by fellowships and grants from the University of Maryland and the Cosmos Club Foundation, and a grant from the Getty Foundation enabled her to participate in a summer institute in digital art history in 2015. Nicole has presented her work at national and international conferences, including the College Art Association, the Renaissance Society of America, and the Classical Association of Atlantic States.