How to Use the Google Earth Plug-in

How to Use the Google Earth Plug-in

Load the Google Earth Plug-in (First time only)

If your browser doesn't yet have the Google Earth plug-in, you should be automatically prompted to install it. (If it does not automatically install, go to the plug-in installation site) You may need to restart the browser after it has installed. You only need to do this once.

Displaying layers of the map

To navigate these maps, use the checklist on the left-hand sidebar to call up one (or many) different maps at a time.

A Google Earth map file comprises many layers that are contained inside nested folders. You can expand by clicking on the arrows to the left. You can choose to display the contents of any folder by clicking on its checkbox (this will also display every "child" folder inside, useful for turning on many layers of the map at once.)

Navigating the map

You can pan across the map by clicking and dragging the globe, and you can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To automatically zoom to one specific feature on the map, double-click its folder in the sidebar. This will automatically display the feature as well.

Some features have blue text - this means you can click on them to bring up a text box with further information. To close the text box, just click once anywhere on the globe.