Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 7

Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 7

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

JiaJia Fei // “The Museum & Social Media”

Art in the Age of Instagram: Authority and the Digital Image

"Did you know that you could get a bachelors in art history by following me on Instagram" a joke by speaker at a party believed by hearer!

Works in the marketing department at Guggenheim

Social media directs line to users, connecting them to museum and to each other, which is monitored. Suggests that this workload and work habit is leading to the cultivation of a different museum experience for visitors and different museum visitor.

Exponentional growth on social media (twitter, facebook)

Turrell exhibition; most successful and, despite warnings against it, most photographed/instagrammed exhibition)

working to open up the policy against photography in exhibitions, recognizing that visitors want to share their experience, an activity that draws eyeballs and visitors to the museum



To Instagram or not to Instagram?

And, inevitably, W.B. and his thoughts about aura have been adduced!

Cites a study by a psychologist (sorry, lost name) that people who photograph through a museum visit tend not to remember their experiences as well as those who do not

Eric Gibson, New Criterion - Grumping about the use of camera and photography in museums. If this is allowed, then...: What are museums for?