Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 6

Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 6

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Liz McDermott // “Bridging the Gap: Presenting Scholarly Content on Social Media Platforms” Getty Reserach Institute

Facebook as a means of scholarly diffusion (exhibitions) - 5000 followers

social media

Facebook announcement of acquisition of Lewis Baltz's archive

a combination of scholarly social media(s) facebook, twitter, web pages

The Shelfie Post is wonderful! And a wonderful response, with lots of likes and replies

How to reconcile with institutional image (sober, serious)?

Is social media detrimental, helpful, some part of both to the scholarly enterprise? (I think mostly helpful; I also think that scholars are people, too, and social media can liberate that thought and that aspect)

Do analytics (google analytics or other tools) help answer this question?