Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 4

Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 4

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Michelle Moravec // “Visualizing Schneemann explores the production of histories of art using multiple digital tools”

A party of one DH tale:

Visualizing Schneemann a result of her sabbatical work and noticing links between Schneeman and everyone else

Mapping the Republic of Letters the source of her inspiration - and her proof of concept

very constrained timeframe (12 weeks): seeking off-the-shelf tools that require little or no programming skills

one graduate assistant producing metadata, from which Michelle began producing metadata (Gephi)

"Gephi like using a sledgehammer when needing a pushpin" - dataset too small

Raw a better tool for scale of data - discovered midway through process: be flexible!

also Excel's visualization tools for a surface visualization

Distant looking - Stanford NER - Linux Processing - Hand clean - visualization in raw

for map-inflected data - Google Map Pro' also TimeMapper (super easy and approachable)

Corpus Linguistics (finds mathematical relationships in words within a text/corpus)

Wonderful narrative of her one-scholar (plus graduate assistant and some help from friends!), twelve-week journey

Good insights as a result:

methods not tools the things

spend money wisely

don't go with popular tool

google for help