Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 2

Day 2 - THATCamp liveblogging 2

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jessica Landau, and Melissa Seifert // “Learning to See Systems: addressing the role of vision in new technologies”

The question: "how can we make visible the values and epistemologies embedded in technological systems?"

Seven faculty (and graduate students about 10) from Univ. Illinois constructing a two-year program.

Four seminars and weekly labs - systems and how they works. Actively interrogating all of the systems of art history(ies). Construct their own visualizations in labs.

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!!!

Scalar published papers working through systems one of the first tasks by students within the program.

Melissa Seifert discussing her work (on epehemeral protest signs): digital space (search) augmenting the physical space capture of experience. Ethical issues to this scholarly activity?

Jesssica Landau working on hunting visual culture - notes that Scalar allows one to link to anything that is online. Makes visible an unknown artist. Can also make invisible those collections/works NOT online. gives example of Winald Reiss, whose comparatively well-known, but underrepresented online. Such lack of access influences the course of scholarly inquiry and papers written? Strange turn, no?