A compassionate vision visualized

A compassionate vision visualized

Friday, July 19, 2013

Like many here on campus at the University of Maryland, my initial daily interface with my work computer browser is the homepage for the University of Maryland. Greeting me this morning was a banner with the cheery face of Ben and a suggestion that I support him by texting "Ben" to a number (38383), $100,000 being on the line. Okay, so I proved a bit curious, clicked and quickly found out that Ben is Ben Simon, a student at Maryland, who, along with fellow student Mia Zavalij in 2012 founded the Food Recovery Network (FRN) with three other schools. Already they are up to seven schools, across the country, and in a short year plus have recovered unused food from campus dining halls exceeding 120,000 pounds. An exciting, worthy cause, one founded by Terps and up for an award that would considerably accelerate their efforts.

What I find really cool, and deeply effective, is how they convey the information I just shared with you in the above paragraph.

Clear, huh?

You get the idea, and quickly, right?

This "About Us" visualization is a good, solid example of how good graphic design and info visualization can embed in our conscious awareness a good deal of information quite quickly. Now, what about art history.....?

Go check out their website, their story, and maybe stick around campus one evening after dinnertime to help them out.

Oh, and text "Ben" to 38383.