AR's the thing: museums are going to innovate, just watch for it

AR's the thing: museums are going to innovate, just watch for it

Friday, February 7, 2014

Augmented Reality is about to go big, and in a big way. Google Glass has hit the consumer market and there is a better than even chance that this will prove a successful addition to an already bewildering array of magical devices that deliver vast and rich amounts of information to our eyes and our fingertips. Museums of all stripes, from natural history to art history, from zoos to science centers, are experimenting with AR as a way to draw in audiences and engage them in meaningful (and sustained) relationships.

But how will AR change the museum experience? This question is one that John Shipman, Director of the Art Gallery here at Maryland, and I have been kicking around for a while now and we are quite excited to announce a series of Spring workshops centered around the question of AR in museums and galleries, specifically the question of how the visitor might generate new content through AR that will impact (one hopes for the good) the gallery-going experience for all. These workshops are part discussion, part hands-on creating, and full-on fun. They will take place in the Collaboratory, so space is limited. To sign up, please contact John Shipman at Hope to see you there.

AR Workshops Flyer